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  • Ladies WC
  • Gents WC
  • Urinals
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Choose from a range of
luxury portable toilet trailers

Whether you’re planning an intimate private party with 25 guests, or a full-blown weekend festival for 5,000, Deluxe Loos can equip you with the luxury toilet facilities you’ll need to accommodate your numbers.

Luxury Toilet Hire – the right style for your event

All our inviting trailer interiors come in a beautiful contemporary style and are finished to the highest standard. Complete with a light-wood finish, raised porcelain sinks and LED down lights. (You’ll find photos of these in our gallery.)

Our luxury portable toilets are divided into two compartments, tailored to male and female needs. This gives your guests the same level of privacy and convenience that they would enjoy at a professional indoor party venue.

The Deluxe Loos range of luxury toilets

To best fit the size of your party and the available space, we offer a range of trailers – with different numbers of cubicles, urinals and sinks.

All our trailers feature:

    • Automatic air-fresheners
    • Vanity units with sinks and mirrors
    • Fresh, warm running water
    • Chrome, timed-flow taps
    • Non-slip, safety flooring

See below for specific details of all the luxury portable toilets in our range.

1 + 1

luxury toilet hire

  • Two toilet cubicles, each with a sink and mirror inside
  • Suits parties of 50 to 90 guests
  • Highly manoeuvrable, compact trailer can be positioned in tight-fitting spots
  • Comes with in-built battery so no need for external power
  • Great for private parties on your own land: saves guests from having to enter your house – and you from having to tidy up after them!
Dimensions: Length: 250cm (360cm including tow frame)
Width: 185cm
Height: 270cm

2 + 1

Schematics for luxury toilet hire

  • Ideal for the typical-sized wedding party, or events of up to 175 people
  • For parties of around 90 people, choose 2+1 to avoid the possibility of queues
  • Separate vanity area with mirrors (including full-length), wooden counters and sinks allows space for personal grooming in comfort
Dimensions: Length: 485cm (615cm including tow frame)
Width: 215cm
Height: 295cm

3 + 1

  • One 3+1 suits larger-than-average weddings, and events of up to 275 guests
  • Two or three 3+1s will cover large events such as corporate fun days – up to 1000 people
  • Higher numbers of these units can cater for events of up to 5,000 attendees
  • Separate vanity area with mirrors, wooden counters and sinks allows space for personal grooming in comfort
Dimensions: Length: 555cm (680cm including tow frame)
Width: 230cm
Height: 295cm


  • Trailer specifically adapted to meet disabled access needs and cater for those with young children
  • Single large cubicle, featuring ramp to allow wheelchair access and handrails for ease of movement
  • Lowered sink and mirror conveniently located inside the cubicle
  • Wall-mounted, fold-down table designed to support babies during nappy change
Dimensions: Length: 685cm with full ramp extension
(800cm inc tow frame)
Width: 215cm
Height: 270cm

Contact our team today to discuss your luxury toilet hire requirements.

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