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  • Ladies WC
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  • Urinals
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Luxury Portable Toilets – Our Optional Extras

Luxury pamper packs
To enhance your guests’ experience of our stylish, luxury mobile loos to the max, choose from two types of pamper pack to give them the ultimate uplifting treat. The packs come in male and female versions, and contain a range of bodycare products for party-goers’ comfort and refreshment. All packs include the gift of beautiful fresh-cut flowers or a plant.

Luxury ‘lite’ pack
Hers and His: Deodorant, tissues, hand cream and fresh-cut flowers/ plant

Total luxury pack
Hers: Deodorant, tissues, hand cream, body spray, breath freshener, hair products, emery boards, sanitary products, lip balm,  blister plasters, fresh-cut flowers/ plant
His: Deodorant, tissues, hand cream, body spray, breath freshener, hair products, fresh-cut flowers/ plant

Generator hire
Our portable toilet trailer units need a 13 amp electricity supply to operate. If you don’t have electricity on site, we can supply a suitable generator for your convenience. Deluxe Loos’ generator hire includes a full tank of fuel – enough for 6 hours of operation.

Toilet attendants
If want to make extra sure of maintaining your loos in pristine condition, why not opt for our attended service? This is especially recommended if you’re putting on an event for a large number of people or over an extended period.
Our professional, uniformed attendants will keep each unit spotlessly clean and fully stocked throughout your event. In the very unlikely event of a problem, they also have the technical knowledge to resolve it on the spot.

On-site interim service for back-to-back events
If you’re holding two or more events back to back, we highly recommend that you take advantage of our interim service.
In the intervals between your events, we’ll visit the site to perform full maintenance, cleaning and restocking of the toilet trailers, including waste removal. The interim service restores each trailer back to its original, immaculate condition, so that it’s all set to go for the next party.

Free signage
If you plan to position your toilets away from the main party area, we can provide free directional signage to help guests find them easily. Just let us know at the time of booking if you’d like to take advantage of this service.

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