How many Trailers do I need?

Approximate number of guests attending

50 1000

Event length

You will require:

0 1x1 Trailer
0 2x1 Trailer
0 3x1 Trailer


  • Ladies WC
  • Gents WC
  • Urinals
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Few experiences can rival the feeling of elation you get on your wedding day. On this very special, once-in-a-lifetime occasion, you want your loved ones to feel relaxed and at ease – free to share fully in your happiness.

Best choice for luxury portable toilets for weddings

Our deluxe facilities can help you achieve the perfect wedding atmosphere. They allow your guests to enjoy the fresh air and beauty of your chosen outdoor venue, while having the comfort of an indoor bathroom at their fingertips.

To make your family and friends feel truly valued, we can supply you with luxury pamper packs to enhance their wedding-day experience. Treat them to a delightful range of bodycare products, including scented hand cream and deodorant, and they’ll feel refreshed throughout the day and long into the evening. Fresh-cut flowers are included to make each one of these packs an extra-special gift.

Deluxe Loos gives you the peace of mind of free 24-hour support on your big day, including immediate call-out in the very rare event that it’s needed. Our reliable service will deliver you highest quality luxury portable toilets – with all the necessary consumables – efficiently and on time. With your toilets taken care of, you can focus your energy on the more challenging aspects of your wedding plan – like preparing outfits and speeches!

Looking for to hire luxury portable toilets for your wedding? Give us a call to discuss your requirements.

Suggested Units for a Wedding