How many Trailers do I need?

Approximate number of guests attending

50 1000

Event length

You will require:

0 1x1 Trailer
0 2x1 Trailer
0 3x1 Trailer


  • Ladies WC
  • Gents WC
  • Urinals
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Weddings and Receptions

Few experiences can equal the elation you feel on your wedding day. On this special occasion, you want your loved ones to feel relaxed and at ease as they share in your happiness. We are thrilled to have played an important role in many wedding celebrations over the years by providing our classic-meets-contemporary luxury loo facilities for the big day.

Why our luxury loo trailers are the perfect choice for your wedding

When it comes to luxury loos, two things matter most on your wedding day: the appearance and usability of the facilities, and the assurance that they won’t let you down!

Appearance and usability of the luxury loos at your wedding

We understand that the appearance and comfort of the toilets at your wedding are important for you and your guests. Our deluxe loo facilities can help you create the perfect wedding atmosphere. They allow your guests to enjoy the fresh air and beauty of your chosen outdoor venue, while having access to indoor bathroom amenities. You can take a look at our range of luxury portable toilets to see the classic green exterior and contemporary interior options and features available. We are always available to provide advice on the size and number of trailers you might need.

Reliability and service

The second factor you most care about is that you don’t want to be thinking about mobile toilets on your wedding day! There are memories to make, glasses to be raised, and a dance floor to destroy. That’s where we come in. Our reliable service will deliver you the highest quality luxury portable toilets – with all the necessary consumables – efficiently and on time. With your toilets taken care of, you can focus your energy on the more challenging aspects of your wedding plan – like preparing outfits and speeches!

We also offer advice on the best spots for your loos, considering accessibility and electrical power. Our units are self-contained and only require access to a power point, eliminating the need for plumbing.

To make yourself, family, and friends feel truly valued, we can supply you with luxury pamper packs to enhance your wedding day experience. Treat them to a lovely range of body care products, including scented hand cream and deodorant, and they’ll feel refreshed throughout the day and long into the evening. Fresh-cut flowers are included to make each one of these packs an extra-special gift. Alternatively, you are of course welcome to add these touches yourself.

Our promise

Deluxe Loos’ standard service provides free 24-hour backup, including immediate call-out if needed.

Core location coverage for your outdoor event

Our luxury mobile toilet trailers can be delivered to your wedding location across west London and the home counties, including:

  • Berkshire
  • Buckinghamshire
  • Hampshire
  • London
  • Oxfordshire
  • Surrey

We know sometimes you need us to travel a bit further to deliver your toilet trailer – if your event is being hosted beyond our core areas please enquire about additional distance fees as required.

Attended Service

You may like to opt for our attended service for the duration of your event. A member of our team will ensure that your loo facilities remain immaculate and fully stocked from start to finish. Each attendant has a thorough understanding of how the units operate, giving you the extra benefit of on-the-spot expertise in the rare event of a technical problem.

Looking to hire luxury portable toilets for your wedding? Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Loos we recommend for a wedding

Here are some of the luxury loos from our fleet might suit your outdoor wedding requirements.