How many Trailers do I need?

Approximate number of guests attending

50 1000

Event length

You will require:

0 1x1 Trailer
0 2x1 Trailer
0 3x1 Trailer


  • Ladies WC
  • Gents WC
  • Urinals
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Parties and Private Hire

If you need luxury loos for a private event, such as a birthday, anniversary celebration, or garden party, your search ends here!

Why our luxury loo trailers are great for private hire

Our smaller range of luxury units are easily maneuvered into the tightest of spots if a garden or driveway is the chosen spot for your facilities at the party. Alternatively, if you have space on a lawn or field, our larger trailers can accommodate up to 150 people. This includes a 4-bay loo or a 2+1 loo trailer. For gatherings of up to 500 people, we can provide the 3+1 loo trailer or any combination of our other trailers as needed.

You can browse our full range of luxury loos for hire here, including detailed information on the layout and specifications of each trailer to help you identify the best fit for your event. We’ll always help advise on the size and number of trailers you need.

We can also offer advice on the best spots for your loos in a private event, considering accessibility and power points. Our units are self-contained and only require access to a power point, eliminating the need for plumbing.

Contact us for more information and a direct quote.

Our promise

Deluxe Loos’ standard service provides free 24-hour backup, including immediate call-out if needed.

Attended Service

You may like to opt for our attended service for the duration of your event. A member of our team will ensure that your loo facilities remain immaculate and fully stocked from start to finish. Each attendant has a thorough understanding of how the units operate, giving you the extra benefit of on-the-spot expertise in the rare event of a technical problem.